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The Rodent Baiting Kit contains the professional rodenticide and tamper-resistant stations you need to protect your home or business safely from rats and mice. Our Exclusive EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station Bonus Pack includes 6 x EZ Klean Rodent Bait Stations (large enough for both mice and rats to access bait inside), vertical and horizontal rods for each station, and 1 universal key to access the stations. The Rodent Baiting Kit also includes a 4 pound pail of Gladiator rodenticide to combat rodent infestations. Gladiator bait blocks contain the fast-acting ingredient Bromethalin, killing rodents in just one feeding. Gladiator bait is also moisture and weather-resistant, so that it doesnŠ—Èt spoil quickly, plus it contains Bitrex, a bittering agent to deter non-target animals from consuming it.

This kit is intended for Rat Treatment outdoors within 50 feet of buildings. If you are finding rats indoors, we strongly recommend using rat traps or rat glue boards so that the rodents may be removed as quickly as possible.

Gladiator bait is appropriate for treating house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats only. The Rodent Baiting Kit includes larger stations because they follow newer regulations for Tamper Resistance, while none of the smaller, mouse bait stations meet the requirements for outdoor baiting.

Before baiting, it is important to perform a thorough Inspection of the property before using baits so that you can properly Identifyξ what kind of rodents you have, if any, and so that you can prevent further infestation by sealing up access points and keeping rodents out.

The active ingredient in Gladiator is a neurotoxin, so there is no antidote if children or non-target animals such as domestic cats or dogs consume the bait. If you are baiting in an area where there are children or pets, we recommend using a bait such as Contrac Blox (only available to licensed PCO applicators in California) ; the antidote for Contrac is Vitamin K1, which is readily available from a veterinarian or doctor.



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