Roach Control Kit Rotation B contains all the professional products you need for complete roach control treatment in a home, apartment, or small commercial area. This kit includes the chemicals recommended to use along with Inspection and Prevention measures such as proper sanitation, elimination of food and water sources, and harborage elimination to have a successful Roach Treatment . Our Roach Control Kits include Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitor glue boards to help monitor your infestation and treatment. Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel is a highly palatable roach bait with the active ingredient Imidacloprid, effective for all roaches, included bait-averse German roaches. Gentrol Point Source Stations contain the Insect Growth Regulator hydroprene, which interrupt development and reproduction. Temprid SC is an insecticide concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, providing both a quick initial kill and long-lasting residual treatment. One plastic plunger is included per order, not per tube

Roach Control Kit B should be used in rotation with Roach Control Kit Rotation A and Roach Control Kit Rotation C to prevent bait resistance.

Temprid SC must be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer, such as the Chapin 1 gallon pump sprayer.


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