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InVict Xpress Granular Bait is a proprietary broad spectrum, multi-granule bait matrix with Imidacloprid that provides extremely fast kill of a variety of insects including ants, crickets, cockroaches, mole crickets, earwigs, firebrats, and silverfish. The powerful combination Imidacloprid and the irrestible bait matrix prove too much for listed insects and...
The InVite Roach Lure 35 g (IRLG035) is a powerful attractant that effectively entices harmful and damaging cockroaches. It is best utilized for captivating, mass trapping or monitoring roaches into pesticide treated areas. InVite Roach Lure targets American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, and smoky brown cockroaches. The gel can...
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The Maggies Farm Ant and Roach Gel 1.25 oz is a versatile gel bait that effectively eliminates roaches, silverfish and ants; including the queen and the colony. It contains a sweet oil and protein formula but not peanut products. It's combined with 0.05% abamectin for fast results. This ant and...
Magnetic Roach Bait is an easy-to-use, long-lasting, highly attractive 33% boric acid bait that can be used as a control or preventative for cockroach infestations. It contains specially formulated organic food components to provide a high level of attractiveness to cockroach populations. This is a 'Green' product, having a low...
Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait is a new bait from Maxforce that contains hydramethylnon and treats a wide variety of crawling insect pests such as ants, silverfish and roaches. Maxforce complete granules contain a unique formula with a mixture of proteins, simple sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates in a food-based...
For serious roach control, supplement your roach control program with Magnum. Maxforce FC Magnum is the newest and fastest-acting roach bait ever by Maxforce. With Maxforce Magnum you get five times the fipronil, plus a new technology called ContactX(TM) which kills roaches by contact as well as ingestion. That combined...
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Maxforce Roach Bait Gel (Bayer) is used as an effective crack and crevice treatment to achieve a rapid reduction of roach populations indoors and out. Maxforce FC is a professional version of the over-the-counter product called COMBAT ROACH KILLING GEL. Active Ingredient: Fipronil 0.01% Target pests: American, Brown-banded, German, Smoky...
Due to Fipronil and its accelerated Domino Effect kill, Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations start to kill roaches in just eight hours. Maxforce Roach Bait Stations with fipronil may be used for the control of small cockroaches such as German or Brown-Banded. Roaches will begin eating the bait immediately and...


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