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Environmental Security

Environmental sercurity warning
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We are a state-licensed, fully bonded, insured, family-operated, & 41-year-old pest control company.

Against Killing Cockroaches!

Take the National stand into our Environmental Security towards killing cockroaches.

Cockroaches spread many diseases, and 33 kinds of bacterias that affects 98% of Americans with illnesses that are seriously dangerous to humans.

• Asthma (From their pathogens)
• E Coli (Food Poisoning)

• Salmonella (Food Poisoning)
• Staphylococus
• Streptococus

• 6 Parasitic Worms
• 7 types of human pathogens
• Plus many more Diseases and Bacterias

If you have Cockroaches you an your family are exposed to extreme health risk that could result in Death.

This Environmental Security Warning is put in place from the latest research, and innovations to provide you with the tools to gain a healthy environment , as well as eradicate your pest problem completely.



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